Canada – Almost ready to go.

As promised, I have finally set up the blog. My trip around the world starts on January 4th in Dubai, UAE, where I will be staying with my aunt and cousin for about 3 weeks.

I’m very nervous, but won’t let that change my mind about going now. There are so many things I want to see!

What I’ll easily miss most is my friends and family. I’m lucky to have some fantastic people in my life, the only downside is having to say goodbye for a little while. Having said that, I should still be contactable while away. I’ll be relying on WiFi, so if anyone wants to message me, I’ll still check messages on Facebook, and this blog has a contact section.

As far as possessions go, I’ll miss my piano. I hope I can keep finding ones to play as I travel.

Before the inevitable life changes and travel mishaps completely change it, this is the current plan: travel to 40 countries for about a year and two months. (And attempt a blog.)

Finally, I would love your feedback and advice. If you know about any must-see attractions in my current location or next destination I would love to know about it! Any suggestions for content here would also be welcome.


3 thoughts on “Canada – Almost ready to go.

  1. I bet you would see some places off the beaten track and meet some interesting people if you were to search for a place to play the piano everywhere you went.