UAE – Dubai Part 1

It has been a very busy week! My sister drove me to the Toronto airport on the 4th and I found my way onto the plane without too much trouble. I flew Emirates air, and the flight was 12 hours. I slept for about half and watched The Sound of Music to pass another 3 hours. David Bowie was playing when I got on the plane, which I took as a good sign, and Frank Sinatra’s ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ played as I disembarked which made me happy. I was met at the airport by my aunt Suanne and cousin Zoë, whom I have been very excited to see. I am staying at their place as long as I’m here, and really appreciating the opportunity to spend some quality time with them. I arrived at 7pm on the 5th, and we managed to get home by 10. On the first day, I was awake around 5am so my aunt and I went for coffee at Caffé Nero which is walking distance from her apartment in the compound known as Motor City. This is my aunt Suanne!

Aunt Suanne


Weekends in the UAE are Friday and Saturday, so on that Friday afternoon the three of us went to the Dubai Mall. This mall is ridiculous. It has its own rink,


and aquarium,


And waterfall!


Right outside of the mall is the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which was quite impressive. This is me and my cousin Zoë in front of it.

On Saturday we went to the Mall of the Emirates, and the coffee there is better than the Dubai mall so it wins as my favourite.

The ski hill in the Mall of the Emirates.

As for where I’m staying,well it’s pretty nice.

I spent most of the week volunteering at the American School of Dubai, helping out in high school math classes. The kids were smart, polite, and I even got called ‘sir’ a few times, which was pretty cool. Zoë attends the school and my aunt is a counsellor there. This mosque is on the morning drive to the school and I love it.


Tonight, being January 12th, my aunt and I went out for dinner near the Burj Al Arab followed by fancy hotel exploring.


Dubai is so nice. The driving is a little crazy, but it is quite safe otherwise. People are polite, it’s clean, and it’s extremely diverse. This is the first Muslim and Middle Eastern country I’ve been to and the experience has been excellent so far. The coffee has been good, so I haven’t had to experience withdrawal yet. Exams start next week, so I won’t be in the high school anymore unfortunately. Looks like I’ll be getting out more next week!



13 thoughts on “UAE – Dubai Part 1

  1. Your pix are awesome. So delighted to know you’ve landed and are well settled with family. I love how you’ve picked up on the signs from the universe in the music you’ve been hearing. Never stop seeing the signs that you are loved and supported by angels everywhere you go. Big hugs to Suanne and Zoe, and safe travels, “Sir”. xoxo Nikki

  2. Hi Owen! Looks awesome! So glad you made it safely! I have a very close friend who lives in Dubai. She teaches at the GEMS Nation Academy …. Her facility sounds amazing. If you are interested in seeing the school and visiting other Canadians, Allison would love to show you around. Let me know if you would like to meet her, their family is fantastic and are super at hosting fellow Canucks! Take care Owen! Stay safe Bud xoxox

  3. Hi mister!
    Looks like you’re having an amazing time so far. The pictures are unreal. A ski hill in a mall?? Get out of here! That’s so wild. Loving the updates, have a blast exploring the rest of Dubai!

  4. Gorgeous pictures, Owen! It sounds like your trip is off to a great start. I’m really glad to hear that you’re drinking good coffee – I hope that continues! Keep listening to the music around you.


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