Luxembourg – Luxembourg City

The Eurail pass can be tricky, particularly in Spain, France, and Italy, where compulsory reservations for trains will cost €10 – €30 on top of what the pass already cost. Wanting to avoid that, I ended up finding a multiple connection path to Belgium, allowing me to spend an afternoon in Luxembourg. 

Luxembourg is a smaller European country, and along with Belgium and The Netherlands completes the area known as “Benelux.”

Luxembourg City is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

It’s easy to see why it’s a heritage site. Known as “Gibraltar of the North,” the former Fortress of Luxembourg was one of the strongest fortresses in Europe. I walked along the Bock fortifications which afforded these views. 

My favourite things about Luxembourg were the high bridges.

I didn’t have time to go in many places, but I did walk through the historic part of the city. There were some beautiful buildings.

The Place de la Constitution had a nice monument and excellent view of the valley.

I finished off this picturesque day with mille feuille and boarded the next train to Brussels. 

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