The Netherlands – The Hague & Rotterdam

While staying in Amsterdam, we found time to visit both The Hague and Rotterdam. On the train to The Hague, we passed colourful fields of tulips.

When we arrived we had lunch at an Indonesian restaurant, which of course meant excellent coffee.

Sumatran is my favourite type of coffee, then Ethiopian.

We then began our walk through town.

We weren’t really up for a museum that day, else we may have checked out Mauritshuis.

Walking through the Binnenhof was really nice, I liked the arches and architecture.

This is the view from the outside.

We continued on a picturesque walk towards the International Court of Justice.

The only United Nations city I haven’t been to now is Nairo. Kenya won’t be part of this trip but I’ll happily add it to the list for the future. (That list is actually just a list of every country.)

After The Hague we visited the city with the largest port in Europe: Rotterdam.

We saw a windmill on the train ride there, which finished off my Dutch checklist.

Rotterdam felt spacious. Whether exiting the train station to a large plaza or walking next to a river with streets on either side, it definitely felt less cramped than some cities.

One of Rotterdam’s interesting attractions are the cube houses.

The idea was to build houses that optimize space. It may not look like it, but there was enough space to live inside!

These were the inspiration for the cube houses built in Toronto.

Afterwards, we found WiFi and apple pie. Finding WiFi is always good, even better if pie is also found.

Wanting to see the Euromast we walked down towards the water.

That was good enough for us. Rotterdam is the city from where pilgrims left for America and eventually arrived in what became Plymouth. 

We finished our visit by returning to the train station through some parks.

These bunnies meant business.

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