Croatia – Zagreb

The train from Belgrade to Zagreb took 7 hours, but I suspect it didn’t need to be that long. Once we crossed the border it seemed that the train remembered that it was a train and really picked up speed. At long last, I arrived in the only capital city beginning with a Z. I’ve been to Abu Dhabi and Zagreb, the first and last! 

While it was more expensive than Belgrade, I was still very much enjoying the prices.

This bench looked edible.

My last day in Romania was a full day trip, then I left early in the morning, and thus didn’t have time to exchange my Romanian money. I tried to exchange it in Belgrade but I just got a look and a “you can’t do that in Serbia.” Yikes. So my favourite game in Zagreb was jumping into exchange offices and seeing how nicely they could say no to accepting Romanian money. For some reason every Zagreb exchange employee was super nice, and I always got a smile before always being told that they don’t accept Romanian. I eventually changed it in Slovenia, but I advise anyone visiting Romania to change their money before they leave.

My favourite part of Zagreb was the Cathedral, entirely due to the wall of Old Croatian written in Glagolitic.

The cathedral was badly damaged in an earthquake, and there were some examples on display out front. 

A lot of my time here was aimless wandering, which suited me fine.

There were a lot of museums in Zagreb, but my museum budget is low right now.

One thing I love about walking around without purpose is that you can see a cool side street and immediately satisfy your curiosity.

And when it accidentally brings you to a view of the city, even better.

There was a beautiful church up here with a cool roof.

At this point I decided to find the one museum I wanted to go to, The Museum of Broken Relationships. It was a unique, worthwhile experience that was both funny and sad.
Throughout the years, people have donated objects to do with their broken relationships along with their story. Some are simple:

“Because he was a player.”

Some are subtle, and represent the desire to break free of your situation. Or at least I think that’s what this one was.

There was a really sad room that had to do with parent-child relationships.

The absolute best piece in my opinion was this toaster, the toaster of vindication.

I just love the image of driving off into the sunset with a toaster in the seat next to you. 

The gift shop also had some cleverly targeted chocolate for sale.

I began the descent​ back to town, and the cathedral made for a nice view again.

I passed through the medieval Stone Gate, which contained a shrine to the Virgin Mary.

I’m no longer trying to see everything there is to see in every city, because I don’t think I can maintain that pace. I’ve started taking some rest days, despite getting judged for it every time by other travellers. People like to judge, who knew eh?

I simply enjoyed walking around and seeing the different buildings in Zagreb.

This church was a little shy.

But only at first.

I spent an afternoon doing kakuro in this park and listening to the Next to Normal soundtrack.

From Zagreb I travelled to Slovenia, before backtracking through Zagreb to get to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’ll be back to Croatia in a few posts!

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